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One week down, 155 to go

We have officially lived on Guam for one week, its still kind of surreal but I’m in love! I keep telling Everett that it feels like we are on vacation and will be leaving soon. Its times like these that I have to pinch myself because it can’t be true that we live on a tropical island.

At Dadi Beach

The last week has been a bit of a blur of paperwork and getting the basics settled. Lacuna’s quarantine and paperwork finished, check! Cell phone, check! Mailing address, check! Commissary trip, check! Mel back to work, check! House, well we’re still working on that one but news soon.

Gab Gab beach

While it may sound like lots of busy-work, we’ve taken the time to relax and enjoy as well. Last night was the night market at Chamorro Village. We ate tons of great local food and enjoyed local performers. I’ll take better pictures next week, its every Wednesday night, but we were really more interested in being immersed in the experience than taking ‘good’ pictures.

Below: Takoyaki, Everett enjoying a buko pandan drink

TakoyakiEverett and his buko pandan











We slipped away from the market for a bit at sundown to check out the small beach at the Southeast corner of Paseo de Susana Park. Sunset was beautiful, but we also got to see two racing teams practicing rowing in reproductions of traditional Chamorro boats. We’ll be watching for when we can see the actual races.

Below: The sun sets over the Govener’s Complex, Rowing teams practice

Sunset at Paseo de Susana  Rowing practice

One of our big accomplishments in the last week was visiting 5 different beaches in 6 days. We’ve been to Gab Gab beach, Dadi beach, beach in front of Jimmy Dee’s Chamorritaville, unnamed beach on the East side of the island in Talofofo, and at Paseo de Susana Park. The best part of the beaches of Guam, is that they all have a different feel and environment. Gab Gab had narrow sand but access to WWII pillboxes while Dadi seemed much more wild with few people and hermit crabs everywhere. The beach at Jimmy Dee’s was powder sugar white sand with lots of shallows to wade out.

Below: Beach at Jimmy Dee’s, Dadi beach

Sunset from Jimmy Dee's  Dadi beach

Below: Hermit crabs

Hermit crab  Hermit crab and Everett

We’re excited to keep exploring, this weekend holds hiking and an adventure into the jungle!

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