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I was recently catching up with a dear friend of mine, a writer and world traveler, and I expressed my frustration at trying to blog and “keep up”.  Keep up with what she asked?  My own expectations and perfectionism of thinking I had to be posting all the time or never.  Keep up with knowing what to write.  Wanting to write.  Picking what to write about from the many options that I have.  Being inspired.

Her advice to me, keep it simple!  Write something, even if you don’t feel like its amazing.  Choose a photo, a single photo, and write a quick bit of info about it and share it; even if it isn’t a perfect masterpiece.  Remember, this was supposed to be fun?

So I’m going to do just that, choose a photo and share the story behind it.  For now it will be a weekly thing, but we’ll see where it goes from there.

I loved the trees at this beach on Maui.  The bleached standing trunks stood out against the blue of the sky and water and the green of the jungle, giving them an elegance the landscape around them didn’t have.  They also have a sense of longing, for what I was unsure but on a small beach on the way to Lahaina I could feel it.

Bleached trees on the beach in Maui

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The Rainforest, The Beach and the Adventure Trailer’s First Outing

Merry Christmas 2014 – the Adventure Trailer’s first trip!

We went out to the Hoh Rainforest and Kalaloch Beach on the Olympic Peninsula.  The weather was beautiful for the 4 days we were out there and it was great to try out the trailer to help with finishing details.

First was the Hoh Rain forest, best part of it there were only 4 other groups in the campground that during the summer would be packed.  We hiked up into the forest on the Spruce Nature Trail and into the Hall of Mosses.  The trees were huge and beautiful and while out on the Spruce Nature Trail we saw spawning salmon in the creek along the trail.


The week before we visited the rain forest there had been several storms including a strong wind storm.  There were several places on the entrance road where we saw trees had been down across the road.  At one of the pull outs, there was a Sitka Spruce that had been blown down that had an interpretive sign saying that it was 300 feet tall.

RainForestTrip-1 RainForestTrip-2

After a couple of days in the rainforest we headed a few miles south to Kalaloch Beach, surprisingly pronounced Clay-lock.  The beach is wide and sandy, it was so relaxing to fall asleep to the waves crashing.  On our way to the beach, we stopped at the Big Cedar Tree trail and walked out to the tree.

RainForestTrip-6 RainForestTrip-4 RainForestTrip-5


Kalaloch beach from our campsite

 RainForestTrip-8 RainForestTrip-13 RainForestTrip-9

Lacuna watching the beach from the bluff above the beach, the beach and a floating tree

RainForestTrip-11 RainForestTrip-12

Ruby Beach and the Destruction Island Lighthouse


Driftwood on Kalaloch Beach

On the way home, we stopped at the Storm King ranger’s station and hiked up to Marymere Falls.

RainForestTrip-16 RainForestTrip-15

Marymere Falls


On the shore of Lake Crescent

See the map:

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