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Trailer Status Update

So a lot has gotten done on the trailer since October and it has been on its first trip as well.

First we got up the finished paneling and stained it.


We installed the floor.


We installed a roof vent with a powered fan to keep the interior ventilated.  It was a bit nerve-wracking to cut a large hole in the ceiling but it turned out ok in the end.

IMG_1087   IMG_1092

The frame for the murphy bed is installed, but sill needs to have the finish paneling and table installed on the bottom side of the frame.


And last but not least we got the heater installed.  Another terror inducing, huge hole through all layers of the wall; but it works great.

IMG_1099   IMG_1106

Next on the list are the kitchen amenities!

Upcoming post about the Christmas trip to the Hoh Rainforest and Kalaloch Beach, maiden voyage of the Adventure Trailer.

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Insulation, done!

So it has been a much slower start on this project that I wanted or expected.  The weekend after we got the trailer home, we did an Ikea trip to set up much of the inside of the trailer.  I think this got me set to be finishing out the project… but we are so not there!

It was an EPIC haul from Ikea:

The haul

The haul

Everything... AND the kitchen sink!

Everything… AND the kitchen sink!

This brings us to last weekend and finishing up the insulation.  I have found a new skill for use in another lifetime, laying out and cutting styrofoam insulation!  I know it’s what every girl wants to do.  But in all seriousness its a puzzle to use the sheets as efficiently as possible so it was kind of fun.  That added to the fact that I was able to plan the pieces more efficiently than when we bought the insulation, allowing us to return a sheet, made for a good day.

My new profession, cutting insulation

My new profession, cutting insulation

Ready for insulation

Ready for insulation

As you can see all of the rough interior sheeting is back up in the trailer with 1″ of weather protection hiding behind it, I may not freeze when we get out there!

Insulation installed

Insulation installed

Siding back up and ceiling done

Siding back up and ceiling done

This weekend will see the finished sheeting going up and getting stained and getting the floor in.

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Building An Adventure Trailer, it starts

If you know me at all, you know that I like the outdoors but do not like being wet or cold; both of these creating major issues for winter outdoor adventures for me.  Especially living in the pacific northwest!

So Everett has been on a kick to find a trailer for me that will have enough amenities to be useful, be big enough so that he can fit but also be small enough to keep me from feeling like an asshole for giving up my tent.  Keeping this project in a reasonable budget seemed nearly impossible.

We had a Goldilocks dilemma… when we looked at the tear drop trailers, they were too small and a bit of a joke for someone who is 6’5″ and neither of us wanted to stand outside in the cold to use the kitchen.  Then we went to an RV dealer to look at camp trailers and they were all too big to feel like we were enjoying the great outdoors, they seemed like portable mansions with far too many things that we didn’t need and didn’t want to pay for.

But then we may have found our just right, we’ll see if we both survive the conversion project: the cargo trailer!  Behold, the Adventure Trailer

Cargo trailer = great adventures?

Cargo trailer = great adventures?

As I write this it sits with all of its insides stripped out waiting for a trip to our neighborhood Lowes store to purchase styrofoam insulation.  As Everett was dismantling the interior is when it hit me: this is so much more of a project than I had really thought it would be.  In my mind we would throw our futon in there and magic would happen.  Guess I have to go find my wand still.

Any way, as this project moves along this will be my bedroom:

Bedroom in Adventure Trailer

And this will be the kitchen:

Adventure trailer kitchen

You’ve got to work with me here and REALLY use your imagination!

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